White paper

BFC - royalties from hundreds of companies.

White Paper - detailed description of investment company technology.
Briefcase - investment company.
Андеррайтинг - issuance of digital assets and listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.
BFC - investment company token, backed by 100% royalties from intellectual property.
Роялти - type of license fee.
Инвестор - project participant who buys BFC for USDT and receives Royalty in the form of BFC.
Смарт-контракт - program that executes agreements between two or more parties that, when certain conditions are met, result in certain actions.
DEX - decentralized crypto exchange.
CEX - centralized crypto exchange.
IDO - primary decentralized offering of digital assets.
IСO - primary centralized offering of digital assets.
EVM - virtual computing environment, a distributed computer responsible for executing algorithms in the BSC network called smart contracts.
Стек - list of technologies, programming languages and frameworks and/or software components used in software development.
WEB 3.0 - concept of the next generation Internet development built on the idea of decentralization.

We provide investments to businessmen and stable income to investors. We receive investment capital through exchange trading of BFC token, secured by Royalties from all companies in the portfolio.

Startups and companies receiving investment minimise business development costs through the use of quality portfolio company services. This allows us to minimise investment risk, and generate high returns.

We want to take a leading position in the unified economic system and influence the world's leading economies, for this purpose we plan to expand our presence to all regions of the world.

  • Maxim Ivanov - CEO
  • Elena Sorokina - CFO
  • Valery Erokhin - CAO
  • Alena Sergeeva - CVO
  • Yuri Dronov - CIO
  • Victoria Karpova - CMO

  • 100% Royalty is paid to the Smart Contract according to the agreement №13.09.23.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis.

  • Provides transactional support of BFC transfers.
  • Distributes BFCs received on the Smart Contract between the wallets that have BFCs on their balance in proportion to the number of BFCs in the wallets.
  • There is no possibility to renew the Smart Contract.
  • No additional issuance is envisioned.
  • Solidity, Node.js, Golang stack.

  • The issuance of digital assets is carried out in the EVM-compliant BSC network.
  • The ERC - 20 standard is used.

  • 21 million coins without the possibility of additional issuance.
  • 19 million are available for exchange through exchanges.
  • 2.1 million distributed among the founders.

  • The starting liquidity pool is 10,000 USDT.
  • BFC price is calculated by AMM algorithm.

  • Provided for ICO & IDO.
  • Traded on CEX MEXC.
  • Traded on DEX PancakeSwap.

  • Formation of project hypotheses - 100%
  • Business hypothesis testing - 100%
  • Verification of legal base - 100%
  • Development of marketing strategy - 100%
  • Development of terms of reference - 100%
  • Development of scripts - 100%
  • System testing - 100%
  • Audit of scripts - 100%
  • Legal documents execution - 100%
  • Listing on PancakeSwap - 100%
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap - 50%
  • Listing on MEXC - 50%
  • Advertising content development - 100%
  • Launch of advertising campaign - 100%
  • Launch of full-scale operation - 100%

You can instantly join our company by investing securely through the purchase of a BFC digital asset on an exchange or through a broker.
This will give you the opportunity to earn monthly Royalties and benefit from price appreciation.
You will also be able to exit instantly by selling the digital asset on an exchange or through a broker.

Sincerely, the team


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